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What makes arbora, arbora?

We are arbora

Arbora Managed IT is a locally owned business headquartered in West Michigan.

Arbora was founded by Derrick Price and Matthew Dangremond with the goals of helping as many businesses and people as possible. With decades worth of experience in the team ranging from tech support, to network and systems admin and engineering, and even IT Manager and Director level experience, we are well equipped to handle anything thrown at us. 


We at Arbora are hyper-focused on providing positive-impact to our clients, community, and the world.

For every dollar we earn we give back 10% of our businesses take-home to environmental, humanitarian, and animal-welfare causes. We are deeply driven by having an impact greater than ourselves and by helping you we are able to fulfill our dream.

we love to learn

Team members at Arbora Managed IT know that the business world, especially technology, is a rapidly changing place. We love to dig into the details to stay on top of the industries newest tools and trends to provide our clients the best value.

we are growth focused

Arbora Managed IT fosters an environment for both team members and clients to work together to grow. We provide opportunities for our team members to take part in professional development, trainings, and encourage certifications. We strive to provide the necessary tools and trainings to our clients to foster business and professional growth.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Arbora Managed IT has a detailed SOP that every team member adheres to, to make sure that we are thorough and don’t miss any of the details. We work with our clients through every situation and issue to the fullest.

We Keep It Simple

We know at Arbora Managed IT that getting too far into the technical details can be frustrating for end-users and customers. We are cognizant of all users at all technical levels and work hard to provide the necessary information without getting too technically complex.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

we believe in having an impact greater than ourselves

Arbora Managed IT isn’t just focused on doing the bare minimum to get by. We take pride in going above and beyond to help others, whether in business, personally, or through community action. We are deeply driven by leaving a positive mark on our clients, community, and the world.

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